Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WBC already?

Now that it is 2010, those of you who read the blogs religiously know that many will start talking about the Wine Bloggers' Conference. At this conference hundreds of people will come together to talk about how social media is evolving, to taste as much wine as they can, and to form new relationships among fellow bloggers, marketing professionals, and wineries.

However, most wine bloggers are not well funded in what they do. In fact there are very few who make money at all blogging. Therefore, a scholarship has been established for qualified bloggers to attend this conference. Below is an excerpt from Luscious Lushes, a wine blog by my friend Thea, regarding this scholarship:

To kick this year off with a bang, I’m here to announce the 2010 Wine Bloggers Scholarship applications and donations are open! This year, we are headed to Walla Walla in June to talk about wine, blogging and social media. As with the 2009 Wine Bloggers Conference, this 3 day symposium brings together professionals, bloggers, winemakers and more to discuss the impact of industry and citizens bloggers, social media, and the adult beverage industry.

We will spend 3 days in Walla Walla drinking great wine, learning the basics of wine blogging, blogging live while tasting, touring the Walla Walla wine scene, and also doing a whole lot of networking. After the 2009 Conference in Sonoma, many connections were made, many bloggers blossomed, and several people got some killer careers going in wine. What could YOU accomplish?

In an effort to support bloggers that wish to attend to learn more, perfect their craft, or see what it’s all about, the WBC Scholarship sets out to raise funds to assist citizen bloggers (those unaffiliated with a winery or other professional organization) get to Walla Walla and participate in the event of the decade. Ok well the first year of the decade anyway.

To find out more about the WBC Scholarship, please visit our site at If you’re a citizen blogger and would like to apply for assistance, please see the Application page.

I think blogging is a wonderful and has really spurred a re-energized movement on keeping wineries, marketers, and each other more honest when it comes to discussions about wine. If you agree, then visit the page and make a donation of any amount. Some blogger (perhaps me!) we thank you for it.
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