Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Taste: Tempra Tantrum

By Rob Bralow

So you remember all my praise about the Tempra Tantrum yesterday? Let me quote you a little bit from that flashy, eye-catching, marketing exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtravaganza:

"Tempra Tantrum is more than wine. It's an ode to originality, a hymn to passion, a praise to expression...."

Oh it goes on, but I couldn't bring myself to keep typing. That amount of flash and fluff makes people like me put the bottle back down on the shelf and walk away slowly.

These are critter wines, those wines that Australia made famous by putting a friendly little critter on the label and selling it for $10. Almost literally these are the same, with the same price tag, only from Spain. Right now there is a flood of this wine on the market because you (yes YOU out there) are drinking it. Don't ask me why, ask yourself.

For me, I would not buy these wines. They are sweet and sugary and not much else. However, if you like Yellow Tail, if you like Little Penguin, if you like turtles, doves, rabbits, dogs, cats, ostrich or any other animal you can think of on the labels of your wine, this might be right up your alley.
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