Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Final Taste: Michael David Wines

By Rob Bralow, Wine Post Editor

At this point I have tasted a good selection from Michael David Winery, with all of their wines coming from the Lodi region. I tasted some deadly Zin, some tiny elephants, and more. Today I am finishing up my samples from the winery with the 2007 6th Sense Syrah and 2006 Incognito. The winery has made a good run at creative names and interesting wines, both of which span the gap between heaven and hell.

The 2007 6th Sense Syrah was a very easy drink. On the nose there was a very floral note, almost too much like nail polish. Then it calmed down into milk chocolate and sweet red fruit smells. The taste was very sweet up front, moving into cinnamon and chocolate. This is a very smooth drink, although not as much lingering fruit as I would like.

Tasting the 2006 Incognito was one of the strangest experiences I have had with wine. If I had closed my eyes I might have thought I was smelling and tasting a white wine. The nose was full of apple cider and peach, and then smothered in a spice cabinet. The taste is similar and it is just... strange.

Overall, I like what Michael David Winery is doing. They have a clever marketing sense and some interesting wines. They are not wines I would reach for automatically, but I would never turn away a glass.
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