Monday, January 11, 2010

Have you confessed your Zins?

By Rob Bralow

I received a bottle of 2007 Seven Deadly Zins and I was excited about it. I had many friends, including my best friend's mother Liz tell me how much she enjoys this wine. She likes Pinot Grigio and pretty much anything under $10, so I took that for what it was worth: A very nice lady I know enjoys this wine.

I also met some reps from the winery at Wine 2.0. Nice people, and when I tasted the wines for the most part I enjoyed them.

I popped open this Zin and found an herbal freshness, with a little heat and plum in the glass. Once past the gums I found carmalized onions (which I love), some candied cherry and some pepper. But over it all was a very herbaceous blanket. I would have liked a little less herbs and a little more fruit, but when I am honest with myself, I probably would not turn down a glass. Although I might not go back for a second glass.
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