Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Taste: Meet the Lindemans

By Rob Bralow

I am cleaning out my closet in order to make room for the 2010 samples (which are already coming in...).

I tasted the 2008 Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz and 2008 Lindemans Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon. Both of these wines are from Southeastern Australia and while I think that the suggested retail price of these wines is $8, I've seen it around the country of $5.

The Shiraz was OK. Best I can say. There was a lot of sweet plum, sugar cookie, caramel on the nose and a very sugary sweet taste, with just enough acid in it to call it almost balanced. I did not mind it.

The Cabernet was absent. There was a lot of fruity blueberry on the nose but it had not much taste. It disappeared almost as soon as it hit my tongue. There is nothing wrong with that if you are just looking for a beverage, but not if you are looking for an experience.
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