Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Zealand Artistic Extravaganza

By Rob Bralow, Wine Post Editor

I love art. I wrote about how when I was little I roamed the halls of the Philadelphia Art Museum. For me there is little more important than supporting the Arts, in all of their different fashions.

That is why I am happy to post this announcement from Kim Crawford Wines. KCW has launched their latest initiative to support the arts and bring people together - an online community and contest called The Artists’ Lounge as a place for emerging artists and those who appreciate the arts to share inspirations and artwork with each other.

All those who share an inspiration with the community have a chance to inspire and win original artwork created by one of the four “Artists’ in Residence”, and a trip for two to New Zealand. The Artists’ Lounge features four emerging artists representing the artistic genres of music, photography, print making and poetry who will be searching for inspiration within the community to create original artwork.

Below are a few additional questions I asked the winery representative:

WP: Is this a global contest or just US?

KCW: Only US residents are eligible to enter (except in California and Tennessee due to alcohol restrictions).

WP: How does Kim Crawford Wines fit into the arts, besides running this contest?

KCW: Kim Crawford Wines views winemaking as an art as it strives to capture the true aromas and flavors of New Zealand in each bottle by combining a passion for excellence with a vision for exploring new boundaries. As such, they are longtime supporters of the artist community and partner routinely with GenArt, the leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

WP: Is there a charity aspect to it?

KCW: Kim Crawford Wines has extended The Artists’ Lounge off-line with a “Vintage 2009” art donation, including a piece from each of the Artists in Residence, that was auctioned off at GenArt event to support emerging artists.

WP: What other initiatives have Kim Crawford Wines been a part of?

KCW: Prior to creating the Artists’ Lounge, Kim Crawford Wines hosted the Music Lounge, featuring new emerging musicians every few months and providing free tracks to visitors. The Artists’ Lounge was created in its likeness to expand supporting the arts to more genres, including music.

The only issue is that entries for the contest close on January 18, so you had better get those creative juices flowing! Probably should pick up a bottle NZ Sauvignon Blanc though.
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