Wine Post was started in 2008 as my foray into the world of wine blogging and social media from the perspective of a wine marketer and public relations professional. Since then Wine Post has taken on a new life and has become my personal exploration into the world of wine. Recently spirits reviews have been added to wine reviews and added a new dimension to my studies and experiences.

Wine Post has grown substantially since its founding. Each year this blog reviews hundreds of wines and spirits as well as events, charities, and other interesting and important announcements.

The most enjoyable unforeseen effect of starting this blog has been meeting the people in the blogosphere. I have enjoyed every discussion, treasured every comment, and truly felt the strength of the online community. I look forward to continuing the relationships I have found and discussing with many others my favorite topic: wine.

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Rob Bralow
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I am a wine and spirits public relations professional with five years of agency and in-house experience, currently seeking employment. I have extensive experience in events management, traditional and online media relations, and social media interaction. Never will a mention be made of any of my clients on this blog at the time I am working with them without clear disclosure of the fact. For more commentary on my communications policies towards online media please visit: Have you met me?

This blog complies will all FTC regulations and restrictions.


This blog does not currently accept advertising.

Samples Policy:

Samples are accepted for review and discussion on Wine Post. The reviews on Wine Post are the honest opinion of the writer. Wine Post does not score wines or spirits but instead discusses the enjoyment of the beverage at the time of tasting.

Products will only be discussed if samples have been submitted. Wine Post does not discuss any product that has not been tasted or tested by the writers. All posts will have disclosures of samples received, either included in the editorial or at the end of the post.

All wineries, distillers, marketing, or public relations professionals that wish to submit samples should send an e-mail to rbwinepost@gmail.com for delivery instructions. Please note that shipping addresses have recently changed, so please double check to make sure the correct address is being use.
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