Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Taste: A Little Syncopated Rhythm

Music and wine can definitely be combined. Just ask Katie. So when I received a few samples from R&B Cellars, I thought the marketing people had found something wonderful.

The label is classy, the concept simple and the language musical. Each wine has a clever name and what's in the bottle... is ok. One thing I found really strange about these wines that I only equated with Idaho wines, a slight bitterness in the finish.

2007 "Serenade in Blanc" Sauvignon Blanc, North Coast, California - There was such a great helping of vibrant lemon and mandarin orange citrus in this wine that I had high hopes to go out and find some oysters. The taste was creamy and started with a lively lime citrus but degenerated into a bitter rind finish. Could do worse for $13.

2006 "Saxy Syrah" Syrah, North Coast, California - Sweet plumb and blueberry on the nose. Then again with the strange bitterness. What was even weirder for me was that after the bitterness was a really pleasant raspberry finish. It was to the point where I just wanted to get past the initial taste to enjoy the ending.

2007 "Swingsville Zinfandel" Zinfandel, Lodi, California - My favoirt of the bunch. Ripe and smooth fruit, centering on fleshy blackberries. The taste was almost sweet at first with spicy tannins coming to give the wine some backbone.
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