Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Want You to Tell Me

It is the season for "best of," where everyone has a list of who they think is the best at what they do. There are plenty of top 100 lists, best events, most influential, craziest, funniest, most delicious, etc.

One group that does not get much recognition are the thousands of public relations professionals that are behind the scenes bringing you the events, the samples, the information you crave about the wine industry. Jeff at gave PR people a shout out, recognizing that for wine bloggers there is more wine available than ever before. Samples are spilling off every shelf, and information is being distributed liberally.

And that is who I want to recognize. But I do not want to tell you who I think is best. Being a wine PR guy, I don't think that would make sense. I want to find out who you think is best.

So, for all my wine blogger friends: Click here to take survey and tell me who you think are the best wine regions at promoting their wines, who is the best winery at spreading the word, and who are the best people you would trust if you wanted to get the news out.

Notice For PR Reps/Wineries/Wine Regions

My shipping address has changed. If you would like to send samples please send them to:

Rob Bralow
Wine Post
455 E 83rd Street, #2A
New York, NY 10028

Also, please send me an e-mail to before you send.

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