Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kissing under a vineyard canopy

Wouldn't you like to get married with a vineyard and roses backdrop? Well, the WineBard is getting married and wants to say her vows (not have the ceremony, just say her vows) in a Napa vineyard.

So there is a general call out to all the vineyards in Napa, how would you like to have bloggers talking about how awesome you were by offering to host a blogger to say her vows.

Her K.I.S.S list:

  • Rose bushes at the end of the rows of vines

  • Picturesque location for Wedding photos

  • Can accommodate four people for about one hour on Aug 18th

  • No staff, or event space required from the vineyard

For more information, you can email with a brief description of your winery and why your vineyard would be perfect for the special day. Entries will be posted on as they come in and notifying the chosen winery on August 14.

The official announcement will be made on the wedding day, followed by a post of how it went.

Please email no later than August 13 at 4pm PST, the bride has some planning to do!

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