Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Praise of the Saint of Margherita

Perhaps not as interesting as my recent topics, but I felt as if I needed to get back to the recreational part of blogging, rather than the academic.

There is no question that I am a fan of the occasional margarita. In fact, for most of college I remember going into the local Chili’s for one or two or three Presidentes. I may or may not have remembered leaving the Chili’s…

With such pleasant memories of college fresh in my mind, I was more than happy to taste a few bottles of Santa Margherita. Yes, the spelling is slightly different, but if you drink enough of them you’ll never notice.

Santa Margherita, founded in 1935, currently makes 32 wines according to their website. Which means it is somewhat unlikely that this is a small company. In addition, Santa Margherita sponsors environmental initiatives in Italy as well as AIDS research in Canada. Hopefully this company will also begin doing some sponsorship in the U.S.

I tasted their Brut Prosecco NV from Valdobbiadene as well as the Chianti Classico 2006, which does not seem to be listed on their website. The Prosecco had medium sized bubbles with peaches and kiwi coming through on the nose. The taste was of white fleshed fruits, but nothing really discernable. The Chianti Classico was smooth, with some rich stewed red berry theme running through it.

Neither was amazing, but then again, I would not have passed up a second glass.

But, why is the bottle image that is on their website, different than the label which is actually on the bottle?
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