Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All about Zin – Wine Blogging Wednesday #60

Five years ago, Lenn of LENNDEVOURS founded Wine Blogging Wednesday, where each month wine bloggers from all over would participate by holding a wine tasting with a similar theme. This gave wine bloggers searching for direction a purpose and a sense of unity and community. Five years later it is still going on and looks to have no end in sight.

The theme for today’s WBW is Zinfandel, brought to us by the brilliant Sonadora (who also happens to have a great smile while she talks and amazing teeth… a story for another time). Sonadora is the editor for Wannabe Wino Wine Blog.

So, for today’s Zin review, of which I am sure there are 40 bad jokes about Zin being written, I have chosen the Titus Zinfandel 2006 from Napa Valley. I was able to hang out with Christophe Smith, the Sales Manager of Titus Vineyards at the most recent Wine Bloggers’ Conference and he let me taste some of Titus’ wines. I thought they were all pretty good. I happened to be in the wine shop and saw a bottle of Titus on the shelf, so I decided to buy it and give it a try.

I opened up the bottle with a few friends that are not really wine people. In fact, one got excited that she knew what legs were. I then started going through the motions of tasting the wine. It was cooked. My friends did not pick it up; to them it was just a wine. There was an oxidized thinness to the wine where I knew it should have been fuller and fruitier. It was really sad, but something that every wino needs to be aware of during the summer. Wines that have been sitting too long on a hot truck, on the tarmac of an airport, in the backseat of your car for too long can become damaged within hours.

Lesson learned, be kind to your wine, keep it comfortable and at a reasonable temperature and always go to a wine shop you trust.
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