Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wine Blogging Wednesday - Fifth Aniversary

There is really nothing amazing about the concept. Its simplicity is probably what keeps it going. For the past five years, Wine Blogging Wednesday has been running. Every month, for one Wednesday, bloggers from all over the U.S. post a review of a wine, that has some esoteric connection to an arbitrary topic, all on the same day (or close to it). These bloggers have chosen to search for, buy, and drink one bottle of wine within a month.

It was brilliant.

And for this edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, Sonadora, the Wannabe Wino, is our host for August's WBW. And she is a Zinner, probably one of the biggest Zinners I have ever Zeen. It is grill time and it just makes sense to to have a California favorite with an American past time.

The date to post you Zintastic post is August 12.
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