Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow a Whole Year

Really amazing that the first birthday of my blog came and went. So much has changed since I first started rewriting Wikipedia articles and posting them here. Somehow I have not offended anyone (well, ok maybe only one or two people) and I have not been kicked off the interwebs because of vulgar language or inappropriate photography.

The stats:

162 Posts (woah...)
8,354 unique visits
14,049 page views
1.68 pages viewed per visit
1:14 minutes spent on the site on average

Top Countries that visit:

1) USA (duh!)
2) Canada (dooh!)
3) United Kingdom (um, righto chap)
4) Taiwan (huh?)
5) India (... WHAT?!)

The top visited posts:

1) Have you met me?
2) The Necessary Tension Between Public Relations and Bloggers
3) A Wine Opportunity Wasted
4) Absolutely and Totally GEEKED OUT
5) Everyone Has to Have Their Say

Obviously I get a better response from you when I write subject posts rather than review wine, which I find interesting.

Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the discussions. Looking forward to more wine and better writing.


Rob Bralow
rbwinepost (at)

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