Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick Taste: Strumming on a Guitar

I received a sample of the Red Guitar 2007 and popped it open. The wine comes from the Navarra region of Spain and has 55% Tempranillo and 45% Garnacha. On the bottle it says "Old Vine" but who knows what that actually means. The bottle sure doesn't tell you. The website will tell you that it is 110 year old vines, but if you are searching from your mobile phone you won't see it because the opening images are flashtastic.

For me the wine smelled spicy and rich with black pepper, blackberry and tobacco. After sufficient gurgling I found the taste to be peppery with ripe plum and smooth tannin. The taste dropped out in the mid-palate. Something easy to drink, especially if you just looking for a table wine. Retail is $10 a bottle, but I bet you can find it for less.

Also written up by the good people at Hipster Enology. A good blog with funky fresh writing.
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