Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robert Oatley Tasting - Tweeted Too Late

I received a few bottles of the Robert Oatley wines from Bin Ends, a retailer in Boston who has also become the producer and driving force behind the constant Twitter Taste Live events.

I feel really bad because these wines were sent to me months ago and I missed the tasting. Then the wines just sat in the back of my samples queue and kept getting passed over for other wines. It wasn not that I did not want to taste the wines, I did because I see them in store windows all around New York.

The Robert Oatley Vineyards was created by Bob Oatley, who was one of the forces behind Rosemont Estates. Auzzie wines all the way and for a good value.

I tasted the Pinot Grigio, Rose of Sangiovese, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cab did not impress me and while the Pinot Grigio is worth buying for the value, its the Rose which really won out. It was floral and soft, but bone dry. Pick it up if you like that sort of thing.

Want another opinion? Check out my frient Tori's review of this wine.
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