Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've been blocked?

What is twitter etiquette? There was a winery that sent me a bottle of wine. I found the first bottle corked and then did not like the second bottle, so I decided not write about the wines. I told the winemaker via twitter and explained why I did not like the wine.

He accepted my opinion graciously, noting that everyone has the right to what they thing. I recently found out that he then blocked me from his twitter updates (of which he makes many).

To me it is almost a blessing in disguise. Since most of what he does on twitter is talk about his wines, I am removed from the deluge of advertising. Then again, it does not allow me to respond and enter the discussion about his wines with the general populace.

How do you feel about this practice? Is this as bad as "un-friending" someone on facebook?
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