Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Terracita Tempranillo

Those are two names that are fun to put next to each other. Terracita Tempranillo. It just rolls off the tongue. What is better is that it rolls easily into your hand too. I received this wine as a sample from Pasternak Imports and was extremely happy that I did. I might have found myself a new house wine.

Coming from Spain, this wine is labeled as Tierra de Castilla la Mancha, giving it a very general sense of place. The winery is Bodega (means winery) Roqueta.

This wine, the Terracita Tempranillo 2008, is an easy drinking and fresh red wine. So easy to drink that I could have easily finished the entire bottle if I did not have someone else there drinking it with me. There were really lovely cherry and raspberry fruits throughout this wine. There was a healthy dose of acidity that kept the taste fresh and light.

This wine retails for about $9, making it easy to pick up a case for everyday drinking, to use as a gift or to bring over to a friend’s place for dinner.
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