Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kushi no Kami: Japanese Wine God

Rich at The Passionate Foodie is a nut for Saké. For the July Wine Blogging Wednesday, Rich has chosen Saké as the beverage of choice. Check out Rich’s blog for all of the details. Blog posts should be up on July 8.

I have tried some Saké, mostly at the encouragement (nay, the insistence) of Leah. She has not been able to post much on her blog because she has started her preparations for her residency as an emergency medicine resident. For those unfamiliar with the lingo (as I usually am), that does not mean she will now be living in the ER. Or… well, actually it might. Really it means ER doctor.

But for this WBW, I bet I can pull her away from the whole sleepless Dr. routine for a few hours, especially since she loves Saké. I think perhaps a trip to Saké Hana might be in order…
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