Thursday, June 11, 2009

It’s the Big House for me

Ok, stop what you are doing right now and check out the website for Big House Wine (

No, its ok, I’ll wait.

Done playing yet? No? Ok, take some more time.

Now was that not the most interesting and fun winery website you have ever been on? When I taste wines I geek out. I think about how the wine tastes, what I would eat with this wine, and really anything else that I can ponder. Then I usually come back to the computer and do my best to research the wine and look up as much information as I can find. This is usually impeded by the fact that I finished the bottle and possibly opened up another one, but in general I think I get a pretty good understanding of what information I can find and make a note of it so I can go back and find the information while slightly more sober.

Usually I am disappointed by the information available online. You would think that in today’s information hungry society, every single winery and organization has a website that they at least keep the contact information up to date on. I constantly find this to not be the case as I look up information on wines I find interesting.

Big House Wines not only has a website with great content, but its flat out fun to navigate around. I loved the concept and design and it played so well with the wine’s branding that I honestly wonder what came first, the website or the wines? One of the area’s I really loved was Rehab. If you have not yet checked it out (BAD!) you should definitely do so.

Big House used to be owned and operated by Randahl Graham, the fabulously creative winemaker at Bonny Doon, which incidentally also has an amazing website that I hope to review in a future post.

For today, I picked up a bottle of The Prodicgal Son 2005, a Petit Sirah from Peso Robles. I tasted this wine as part of yesterday’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, but I thought that I needed to share the website with everyone.

This is really what wine is supposed to be about. It has its uber geeky side (I am BLOGGING about it for heaven sakes!), which some enjoy and some think it ridiculous. But it also has its fun side, which everyone should remember. It is just wine!
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