Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Rant - RE: That Customer

If you do not read Frankly My Dear, you should. Christy Frank is the owner of a retail store called Frankly Wines and has some great insights into the wine industry.

Christy has a series going about being "That Customer" and I think it is worthwhile for everyone to read, for no other reason than how amusing it is to think about watching "That Customer" interact with everyone else.

People, this is a serious illness. You have no idea how not funny it is when you have to deal with "That Customer." It's like trying to remove that last bit of food that won't come out between your teeth. It's like having an itch on the bottom of your foot while you are sitting in a business meeting.

The most recent edition of "The Customer" centers around people at wine tastings. I go to wine tastings on a regular basis. I just went to one at City Winery yesterday, as a blogger instead of a pourer. And probably the most annoying people at tastings are the ones that like to clink their glass on the bottom of the bottle lip while you are pouring them wine.

People, I know you don't want a lot of wine. It's a TASTING. Give me the benefit of the doubt that I am not a booth babe there to look pretty and attract you over with the intention of having you look at my boobs while you taste the wine I am pouring. No, I am a slightly Jewish, 6'4", perfectly weighted at 200 lbs (mmm... 200+), gentleman with a healthy amount of hair, facial or otherwise.

Sorry ladies, I'm taken.

So, when you feel like tapping your glass against the bottom of the bottle, I can only assume that you think I am a moron and have no idea when you want me to stop pouring the $100 wine in my hand. It pisses me off and I think from now on I am going to tell those importers, distributors, retailers, and extremely important media (yes, I'll include bloggers in there) how extremely insulting and rude I find it that you cannot verbally tell me that you do not want any more wine in your glass.
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