Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No one talks about Robert Parker like Steve Heimoff

Ye Gads! I am a bit tired of the Parker this and the Parker that. Moving past Parker, dealing with Parker, praising Parker, dismissing Parker.


This latest rant comes from reading Steve Heimoff's most recent edition of his Life after Parker series. First he sets himself up as Parker's defender against the nasty bloggers, and then going on to highlight points in a Decanter article (about how the 2009 Bordeaux vintage is going to be diffiuclt to sell to the US consumer) that make it seem like Parker's influence is at an end.

This premise is missing several very key points (here, here and here) in this discussion that has nothing to do with Robert Parker, the rise of bloggers, the failings of current print publications, or event how good or bad the 2009 vintage is.

So then I decided to see how many blog posts Steve writes while mentioning Parker on his blog. Then I decided to see how often other bloggers write about Parker.

Yeah... sure... Parker's on his way out. That's why all of these bloggers can't stop talking about him. You go to any wine blog and search "Robert Parker" and you will find tons of references.

How many times have I mentioned Parker or Heimoff on my blog?


Fortunately my search tool seems to be broken... If someone finds a number let me know, because I definitely reference both on occassion.
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