Friday, May 8, 2009

Want to win $1,000 for drinking a wine?

That’s right, $1k for popping a cork and guzzling the juice inside. That is what is being offered at Pinotblogger. The catch is that you have to then blog about the wine. Sound easy? Then step up to the plate!

In writing the post you need to complete the following critera:

1. Why are you passionate about wine, and what motivates you to blog about it?

2. Choose any wine, from any area or appellation and use your analysis of it as a springboard to answer the following question:

Is it appropriate for a wine reviewer to prescribe the ways in which a wine should be made, or is their job chiefly to review what’s in the bottle? Use examples from the wine you choose to illustrate your position.

Once you write your post link it to the Pinotblogger’s post or e-mail him at Josh (at)

Entries are due by May 23rd.

Last catch, half of the price money must be used towards your further education in the wine world. Read Josh’s blog post for all of the details.

I am excited to write my post. Will you?
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