Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A musical Wine Blogging Wednesday

The next Wine Blogging Wednesday has been announced by Katie at Gonzo Gastonomy, and this time she puts forth an interesting theory.

Music has been a consistent source of emotional enjoyment, ever since one caveperson scraped a rock in rhythm against a cave floor (perhaps an exaggeration). Music has a strong power over our senses, the way a cymbal crash makes us excited or the way a violin pulls on our heart strings. The way a fiddle might make us want to tap our heels or the way a harp might put us to sleep.

Katie's challenge is to experience for ourselves how different genre's of music make us feel about a wine. If perhaps a song is on that is particularly grating against your nerves, do you then think less of the wine you are tasting?

The interesting part is I am not sure what wine to pick! Picking the music will be relatively easy (I have a very diverse library). But do I pick a wine I know I like? Do I ask for a recommendation of a wine someone I know likes?

I guess we'll see. The post is due on June 10th (that's like tomorrow!!). I missed the last one, hopefully I will get my act together for this one.
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