Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wine Blogging Wednesday #56 – Fine Kosher Wine

The next Wine Blogging Wednesday has been announced! Our host for April is The Cork Dork who has chosen Fine Kosher Wine for Passover. The challenge is to find a fine kosher wine to report back on. The subject, besides being timed to be posted on the last day of Passover, was inspired by a Napa Valley Cabernet that was made in the kosher tradition.

My mother had a very defined view of kosher wine, that if it says manischewitz on the label it has no place on the table. Luckily enough, I know of a few kosher wines that my mother would approve of.

A lot of people mistake kosher as manischewitz as well as Israeli. For those that do not know, manischewitz wine is made here in the US and has nothing to do with Israeli wine.

There are more Kosher wines on the shelves than most people think. I have found Kosher wines from every part of the world and I look forward to tasting a few and seeing what others review.
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