Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweet Tooth Twosome: Wine Blogging Wednesday #66

By Rob Bralow, Wine Post Editor

Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday and Jennifer The Domestic Goddess is our host for this month. She wanted us to think about our after dinner pairings and write about them. I love sweet things. Chocolate for sure, but there is a dessert that I have most often that I cannot get enough of. I have had this addiction since it was forced on me by my parents to keep me happy (or maybe they were just feeding their own addictions).

I of course am talking about the Oreo Cookie.

It is a delectable, delicious, and versatile cookie. It most often loves to be dunked in milk, but it can also be crumbled on top of pudding, ice cream, cake, pie, pizza, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and steak. At least... I think it would be good on those last couple.

I picked another sweet and delicious liquid to imbibe with my cookies for this post. I chose the NV DR Tawny Port. This Port was very good. On the nose there were beautiful notes of chocolate, raison, and almond, all of which were confirmed when I put it in my mouth. The raison turned into dried cherry and it was smooth with a wonderful length so that the mingling of Oreo and Port kept me happy. I also liked that the bottle's label looked somewhat like an Oreo.

What do you like your Oreo's with?

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