Friday, May 28, 2010

Constructive Criticism

by Rob Bralow, Wine Post Editor

Something that has come up a few times when I talk to people (in real life, face to face interaction instead of impersonal online interactions) about my blogging. The ones that read my blog always look embarrassed when they start the conversation with, "I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but I have some constructive criticism."

I understand that it is tricky to talk to someone about his or her are passion. You do not know if he or she will take it as insulting or constructive. One thing I do want to say is that I enjoy critique. If I am going to be willing to give my opinion on a wine, I think you should be able to give your opinion on my writing or how I am presenting my opinions.

More often than not the person giving me advice on my writing is my mother. She was a Medill graduate and worked as an editor for a long time, so when she tells me I have terrible grammar and that my spelling is atrocious, I smile and say, "Yes, I know. Ain't it great?!" And then I try and lift the quality of my writing. Sometimes it works. Sometimes.

But I welcome your opinion. No, I CRAVE it. I want to know how you think I can do better. For instance, this past week I was told by a PR friend of mine that the daily e-mails are too much. "If you could make it into a once a week e-mail, with more content, I think more people would be excited to read your blog."

I thought that was a brilliant idea. Especially today, when I know you are inundated with e-mails and information on an hourly basis.

Unfortunately, I looked at my settings on FeedBurner and I cannot find a way to limit the e-mail subscription to only send out e-mails once a week. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can manage this, I would be greatful. Instead, I am going to vary when I publish my posts. Usually my e-mails go out around 1:00 PM. Therefore, I am going to start posting one day at 3:00 PM, and the next day at 11:00 AM. This should mean that e-mails only go out once every other day, but each will have multiple blog posts for you to read.

If you have any additional suggestions for my blog, put a comment down here or send me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you!

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