Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from Vacation

by Rob Bralow, Wine Post Editor

Wow, hi everyone. I have been WAAAAY absentee and most of the reason was getting ready and then going on a vacation to the Caribbean. I went to Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras with my incredible and talented girlfriend. We went scuba diving for a week and I saw some incredible sights. I know none of this is wine related, but I figured it was interesting anyway.

Some of the highlights of the week:
  • Getting my open water certification, saying I can go dive anywhere, anytime I want and then missing the boat for my first solo dive without an instructor
  • Seeing some beautiful hummingbirds
  • Hot days with the trade-winds keeping me cool
  • Being the first to spot a giant crab, a lobster, and literally swimming with the fishes
  • Meeting, petting, and then being bitten by a dolphin
  • Seeing my first wild spotted eagle sting ray with a four foot wing span and a twelve foot tail
  • Meeting a ton of great people and learning a lot about the 'diving culture'
I could definitely go diving again.

If you are interested, here's a slide show of my photos. Watch if you like, but don't blame me if you become insanely jealous...

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