Thursday, February 18, 2010

Late Valentine's

By Rob Bralow, Wine Post Editor

Are you having a late Valentine's Day? My girlfriend and I have something of a schedule nightmare most of the times, stemming from her being a doctor and having to work all hours of the day and night. So traditional holidays are delayed, moved up, or canceled as we see fit, especially hallmark holidays like Valentine's Day.

I am both a fan and a critic of the big V-day. On the one hand I am very much a romantic and love those moments when saying the right thing or doing something simple make someone you love very happy. On the other hand I clearly remember when it is one of those holidays and I had no one to share it with.

So for good or not, happy or sad, turning to alcohol is a perfectly acceptable choice (unless one happens to have an uncontrollable compulsion for alcohol, in which case chocolate ice cream is my second choice). So for those who have not yet been a Valentine, or anyone who had to delay because of medical emergencies or thousands of people who walk into the ER with a stubbed toe, may I suggest the NV Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut Cava.

The Elyssia Pinot Noir made by Freixenet is wonderfully balanced and dry. The bright red color goes perfectly with the dozen roses you forgot to get, or the heart shaped box of candy you did not buy. And at $18 a bottle, this wine is packed with enough strawberry to say, "Look how much I love you. No really, I do. Really."

Disclosure: Wine Post received this wine as a sample from the Freixenet PR representatives.

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