Monday, December 8, 2008

If you write it, I’ll read it

From what I have been told, and I have no facts to back this up, there are somewhere between 500 – 800 blogs that have a primary focus on wine. Currently I think I read about 200 of them. From what I have seen, many wine blogs are written by journalists that believe it worth their time to write in two (or sometimes three) outlets to keep their audience happy. Very large portions of wine bloggers are marketers and PR professionals, most of which try their best not to push their product (watch for my post this Wednesday…). The rest are a scattering of wine geeks and hobbyists.

That is a lot of people who all want their opinion heard and they are everywhere is order to tell people about themselves and hope to gain your interest. They tweet on twitter, they friend on Facebook, they shout on myspace, and they do absolutely anything they can to raise their traffic numbers. As my mother said to me, “It’s a bunch of people going ‘LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.’” That is basically true, but that is what everyone is doing. I am not just talking about bloggers, but all consumable goods. Yes, writing and reading are consumable goods, although I have met too many people that are literally anorexic.

I really enjoy reading all of those blogs. Everyone wants to talk about something and every post is a little glimpse into how someone thinks and views the world. It is particularly amazing to see first how many different ideas are out there and then at the same time to see how many people have the same ideas and express them in almost the same way. Examples of this are how wine bloggers all give their review or opinion of the wine they are drinking right now, and how topics span the entire “blogosphere” (forgive me for using such a word) such as how bloggers reacted to a challenge to their credibility as an information source.

I hope you read a lot of these blogs because they are real people each with their own point of view. Thanks very much for reading mine.


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